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Evolved Decision Making

Efficiently organize and analyze data to derive advanced insight and empower your business

Our flexible framework allows us to produce next-generation results across a variety of industries and problems. The ability to connect legacy data sources and with new traditional and novel information systems allows us to leverage the widest possible data universe.


Self-organizing systems ensure that the data inputted is clean, scrubbed and compatible with our entire ecosystem. In order to reach pre-determined targets, new data sources are automatically sought out to improve and transform the original input.


The user sets broad goals, and the output accuracy is validated through a rigorous scientific method, leveraging a combination of industry specific standards and metrics.


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Features ENNs
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The Machine Wins

It's a race to the bottom and the bottom is not a human, it's a machine.

The Machine Wins

“It's a race to the bottom and the bottom is not a human, it's a machine”
Isolate highly complex
signals from data
Experience seamless
multi-dataset integration
Transform signals into actionable decisions
Leverage existing
database structures

"I believe they are on their way to going where no man or computer has gone before."

- Deeb Salem. Partner, GoldenTree Asset Management

"Delphi is doing for data science what the assembly line did for automobiles."

- Bud Mishra. Professor Of Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Cell Biology (Courant, Tandon & SoM)

"Delphi is making groundbreaking advances in AI and autonomous problem solving."

- Nasrin Janmohamed. Snr Advisor, Advanced Analytics

"Delphi can be used to radically change the efficiency of financial operations."

- Marti Subrahmanyam. Charles E. Merrill Professor of Finance, Economics and International Business

"Dephi is helping us do the cutting edge data analytics that no one else can do."

- CEO of Omicelo. (Former head of real estate research for Goldman Sachs)

"Delphi revolutionized our recruiting process tripling our employee retention."

- Frank Tucker. COO, Tucker Tech

Under the Hood

Powered by our innovative and proprietary artificial intelligence ecosystem that synthesizes the world's best math into impactful information
STRIPS Planning

Helping program understand the current state of the world, plots a course from A to B using the tools at its disposal

Partial State Planning

Used by NASA to handle autonomous guidance  & self-repairing capabilities on Deep Space 1 Probe.

ENNs (Instadat & NYU IP)

Evolving neural networks provide a genetic framework to fully explore and adapt to problem solving

Deep Neural Networks

Penetrate layers of information to maximize

Optimized & Regularization methods

Multiple hyper parameter tuning methods

Geometric Methods

Quick to optimize and easy to comprehend

Logistic Regression Methods

Advanced Feature Analysis

Ensemble Methods

Encourages model diversity and model sharing 

Non-Linear Methods

Performs well in high dimensional, non-linear data

Bayes Engineering Loop (Instadat & NYU IP)

Generates probabilistic expectations to
choose best next action

Multi-Agent Frameworks

Ability to scale and mold to new environments

Ever Evolving Ecosystem

Leverage experience “DNA” from past actions
ensure constant improvement

Self Organising Multi-Agent Architecture

Swarms of autonomous specialized agents can compete & collaborate to solve complex problems like portfolio optimization or scouring the web for vital signals.
Swarm Intellect

Learned information is shared in smaller and larger communities to minimize redundant efforts

Mass Produced

Allows systems of any complexity and scale, thrives off larger and larger amounts of data

Vying for resources

Agents compete for available computing to complete tasks and live or die based on their success

Highly parallelizable

Distributed systems engineered to scale complex architectures

Programmable to any function

Digitize long term institutional knowledge alongside a multitude of fresh approaches

Search large spaces

Widely explore interconnections within internal data and diverse temporal areas

Applied Intelligence


  • Profit Maximisation
  • Efficiency Exploration
  • Processes & Automation
  • Spend & Revenue Analysis
  • Improved Resource Allocation
  • Customised AI Pipelines
  • Strategic Partnerships


  • Quick & Easy Set Up
  • Alternative to Data Scientist
  • Flexible Data Sources
  • Bespoke Mandates
  • Specific Problem Targeting
  • Tailored Architecture
  • On demand Scaling

Deployment Options

Cloud Based

We provide a front end interface that allows for easy upload, access and analysis of your projects. This solution limits customization, but requires virtually no setup or prior integration with our platform.

Fortress Solution

This is the best method to create customized solutions for our partners. It provides utmost control of how our platform is deployed and integrates legacy data resources. This is also the preferred method for handling sensitive data.

Hybrid Solution

Ability to create a private cloud based environment that allows users to utilize multiple projects and data sources over time. This solution allows for integration with users existing data sources while providing the flexibility of cloud storage.

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